Gminy i Parki


Special offer for municipalities and parks!

Make a beautiful selection of flower bulbs for a park or municipality!

Create your selection of flower bulbs in the webshop or place a special request with your desired types/colors of flower bulbs.
All our bulbs are available against the lowest prices!

Part of the special offer is that after your order you can buy a special bulb planter (see photo below) or get it on, rent, lease or loan base.
(depending on order quantities)

So you can plant your bulbs in the best way possible!

This also goes for schools, sportclubs or any other possible organization.


Peter Langedijk
T: +31- (0) 6-22 307 683

Plantmachine voor onder gras !

Plantmachine voor onder gras !

Koop, huur, leen of lease (afhankelijk van order grootte)

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